Terraristikmesse Karlsruhe Terraristikmesse Karlsruhe
Terraristikmesse Karlsruhe Terraristikmesse Karlsruhe

Exhibition regulations

Regulations for Terraristic exhibition Karlsruhe
This regulation applies to visitors and vendors.
Smoking is prohibited in all areas.
Please adhere always to the instructions of the authorities personal.
Authorities’ personal is entitled to fine all violations immediately.
(Offences are punished with a disciplinary fee of at least € 30.)

Preparation of the animals:
Only healthy, non insured and non pregnant animals in good maintaining and nourishing condition may be offered and sold on the exhibition. Offering wild catches is only permitted while the animals are examined for parasites and treated if necessary. We ask to limit the offer to offspring animals.

Transportation of the animals:
For transportation and also for the occasional accommodation of not issued animals, thermal stable containers i.e. Polystyrene boxes have to be used. If required these containers are to be kept at a moderate temperature by heat conserving accumulators or hot-waters bottle. The safe-keeping of animals in the vehicle in unfavorable weather condition is forbidden. Bought animals must be delivered immediately to a protected place (e.g. salesman booth or in the animal depot free of charge). They must be kind-exhibitionly transported and protected against unfavorable influences. All animals can be delivered free of charge in the animal depot for keeping. As a vendor you should refer your customers to our animal depot. Please contact us.

Minimum requirements to the vendors:
All vendors must be in the possession of a trading license after §11 or a Travel Trade License. After the registration as exhibitors the documents (registration of a trade, trading license after §11, travel trade license) are to be submitted immediately to the organizer. If no permission is present after § 11 and if no travel trade license is available, a release of the travel trade obligation must be requested from the organizer. The release is provided by the city of Karlsruhe at a cost of 20 €.
Each booth has to provide with a good visual and readable sign which shows name and address of the vendor. (All animals must be kept separately) Each container with animals has to provide a sign with the following information :

Name and contact data (telephone No.) of the vendor
Species description in german language
Scientifically name
Origin: Offspring or wild catch
Protection status: WA Anh. A and/or. B
Attainable Final size

If necessary. Data to characteristics: z. B.: special attitude conditions, Food specialty or reference to the Toxicity

Poison animals must with labeled with a red sign ATTENTION POISON ANIMAL.

This written regulation does not replace necessary detailed consulting.

For the animal under Federal Conservation Regulation appropriate references and papers must be available. German Law is valid for foreign vendor, appropriate references must be available.

During the whole exhibition the booths and offered animals always have to under surveillance. Persons under the age of 18 years are not allowed to acquire animals. We recommend to buyers to notice vendors contact data.

Minimum requirements and minimum size of the terrariums and containers for the animals:


Please remind the exhibition regulations especially concerning the size of the animal containers!

Offences are punished with a disciplinary fee of at least € 30.

Suitable Soil substrate (e.g.: Wood shavings, for wet conditions if damp document is suitable absorbent paper or Terrarienmoos) for the animals excrements must be used.
A minimum of retreat possibilities (plants, wooden parts, pieces of broken pottery i.e.) must be available.
For Animals from humid areas a humidity-storing substrate or other possibilities for regulation of air humidity must be available. During the exhibition such animals need regularly applying of water.
Sufficient ventilation, lighting and if necessary heating must be available. The temperatures of the containers must be adapted to the animal’s needs, through appropriate heating and lighting resources.
Containers or terrarium must be setup at least in table height (80 cm) in a way that the animals may only be viewed by side or from above.
Container with animals may not be stacked in public accessible areas.
Tapping or shaking of containers with animals is prohibited.
Removal of the animals from the containers is prohibited.
Sex determination of the animals is not permitted during the exhibition.
Viewing of the animals is only permitted from side or from above.
All animals must be kept separated in single containers. Keeping more animals in one container is not prohibited. For Invertebrates animals this applies only to scorpions, Tarantulas spiders and Centipedes.
For Mammals there must be suitable bedding, sufficiently large retreat possibilities, water and feed available.
Offering of feeding animals (Heimchen, crickets, grasshoppers, mice, rats as well as frosted feed) is only permitted with written permission from the organizer.

Protection of species:
The vendor has to point out the obligatory registration of protected animals to the buyer. For each set according Annex A of EU edict 338/97 protected species, the original documents (certificate in accordance with EC Regulation 338/97) must be shown upon request. The vendor has to deliver the certificate in accordance with EU edict 338/97 in the original, together with the animal to the buyer. Marketing of animals listed in appendix A of the EC - Regulation 338/97 is only permitted for vendors according to EC - edict 338/97. Please feel free to print out and use Confirmation of origin form. Marketing by third parties is prohibited.
Animals listed Annex 6 the BArtSchV must be marked accordingly article 36 of EG-VO 939/97 and §§ 8.10 and 11 BArtSchV. These marking must be certified by the authority responsible for the salesman in accordance with. EG-VO 338/97.
While selling animals listed in Appendix B of EC Regulation 338/97 and of animals listed in Appendix 1 of the BArtSchV, the Seller must provide a certificate of origin to the buyer including the necessary information according § 6 paragraph 2 BArtSchV. The certificate of origin must contain a note to the Obligation according § 6 paragraph 2 BArtSchV. If Possible please use our printable forms which can be found here: link.
With Sales via third party countries (i.e. not European Union member countries) imported animals, copies from the Federal Office for nature protection issued import licenses must be available, as far as an Import license obligation for these animals exists. The import of these animals is exclusively allowed via the customs agencies listed in federal legal gazette and in the Official Journal of the European community. During import the import documents (Import license, Import declaration) must be handed over to the customs agency.
Reception and delivery books as well as breed books according § 5 exp. 1 BArtSchV are to be carried along by the salesmen in the original must be shown upon request to authorities of the exhibition personnel. These documents must also carried along by foreign vendors.
Animals of the species Chelydra serpentina (Snapping Turtle) and Macroclemys temmincki (Alligator Snapping Turtle) may not be presented, not offered nor marketed in any way.

Climatic requirements:
Ventilation: Sufficient ventilation must be provided. A High ventilation rate without draft (for i.e. Chameleon species) is required.
Humidity: For all animals except for desert species a bowl of clean water must be available in each container or terrarium.
For animals from wetlands a humidity-storing substrate (e.g.: Terrarienmoos) or another suitable material must be use to control humidity.
Temperature: Depending upon temperature requirements of the animal the container or Terrarium must be properly heated during the exhibition (temperature control).
Minimum size of the containers and/or. Terrariums:
Offences are punished with a disciplinary fee of at least € 30.

For Lizards: At least 1.5 x Head body length related to the length of the terrarium or larger.
For Snakes: At least 0.5 x of the overall body length related to the length of the terrarium or larger.
For Turtles: At least 2 x the carapace length related to the length of the terrarium or larger.
For Fodder animals: The density of fodder animals must be in a way that an appropriate space and cage height is available for every animal. For feeding vertebrates only half of the available container floor area must be used.
The width of the containers must allow the animals easy rotating. All containers have to be secured against unauthorized and unintentional opening.
Minimum requirements:
For Amphibians: At least the 1.5 x Head body length related to the length of the terrarium or larger.
Salamanders from moderate climate zones may not be offered because of their sensitivity for temperatures over 20 °C.
For Invertebrates (except fodder animals): The containers must be set up vibration protected and there must be its sufficient large retreat areas and room to move and Visual/ protection.
Scorpions, centipedes and tarantulas only one animal is allowed in any container. The guidelines for poison animals apply.
Scorpions of the genera Androctonus, Buthus, Leiurus, Nebo, Parabuthus, Tityus and Hottentotta may not be offered.

Supplementing regulations:
Poison animals: The Dangerousness of the appropriate animal species has to be marked by a sign accordingly. Without permission of parents no animals are allowed to be sold to children under the age of 16. The animals must be kept in lockable containers secured against unauthorized access and unintentional opening (i.e. containers falling down). Additionally the containers must be sealed with adhesive tape.
Poisonous Animals must not be stored in the front area of the table. Offering of Poison snakes is not permitted. Scorpions of the genera Androctonus, Buthus, Leiurus, Nebo, Parabuthus, Tityus and Hottentotta may not be offered.
Acquired poisonous animals may not be carried along the exhibition area but must be stored at the dedicated areas. The vendor has to point this put to the buyer. We offer free of charge animal depots.

Small mammals: Offering living „baby mice “, „baby rats “and other comparable young animals is not permitted without dam. The same applies to female animals in the birth or those whose birth is lagging less than 48 hours.
Exhibitors, those animals were imposed by the government or those who do obey the instructions the exhibitors personal will be excluded from the Terraristik exhibition Karlsruhe.

Any advertising or distribution of advertising materials like flyers posters etc. on the complete property of the Congress center is only allowed with written permission of the organizer.
Changes by the organizer reserve!
Failure to comply with the Exhibition Regulation will cause immediate exclusion from the event.


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